Monday, 18 April 2011

1st Stop... Paris!

Three of my best friends arrived in London on March 25th. It was the beginning of an amazing adventure! We went to many different places and saw so much that I don't even know where to begin as I want to share the adventures we had.
 I will begin with our first stop, 
1- The Eiffel Tower: This landmark is just as amazing as I had imagined it to be. Day or night it was quite the sight to see. I will never forget the first moment I saw it... we rounded the corner from the tube station and there it was brilliantly lit up in the dark sky. I screamed I was so excited to see it! Then the "sparkle" came on about 20 minutes after arriving there and it was so mesmerizing watching it with my dear friends. The only thing that could have made the experience better would have been to have the love of my life by my side. Fortunately, we will be going to Paris again in a few weeks with my family so we will get that chance to see it together. 
2- The Louvre: I don't think you could see every piece of art even if you had a month to tour it every day. It was humongous and amazing! Mona Lisa is small, but it was still so amazing to see a piece of art that was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th-century. Simply amazing. The entire museum is full of amazing-ness.
3- Crepes along the Seine River: Sadly, Chelsea was the one taking this picture, but she led us to the BEST crepe stand in Paris and we enjoyed eating our crepes as we walked along the river. It was perfect!

4- View of Paris: On the left is the view from Chelsea's favorite lamp post in Paris. It was a great spot to admire the city. This was Chelsea's 5th time going to Paris... she knew everything.
 5- Sacre-Coeur: On the right is the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur. It was an amazing church at the top of a beautiful hill overlooking Paris.

6- The Shurtleff's: The lovely lady sitting in the fourth seat on the right is Sister Shurtleff. She and her husband were amazing hosts and took nine of us young adults into their home and made us feel so welcome.
7- Angelina's: On our last day in Paris with this crew we went to Angelina's. Angelina's is an cafe just off the Champs Elysees. The food, desserts and hot chocolate were all delicious. The hot chocolate is famous because it is Oprah's favorite. The WHITE hot chocolate is simply divine. 

8- Classy Parisian Girls Night Out: After a long day of sight-seeing we went out for a nice French meal. Above, we are just hanging out at the Hilton before dinner (thank you Papa Metts for arranging our hotel).  We went to an amazing restaurant that had delicious food, but did not quite understand that Americans can drink more than 2 tablespoons of water per meal. It was quite amusing that I had to ask for water approximately seven times throughout dinner. haha! We had a lovely time!
9- French Onion Soup in France: I may have gained a stone or so while in Paris... everything was so delicious! One of my favorites was my French onion soup though! 

 10-Laughing, Acting, Dancing, Twirling, Jumping, Posing... you name it and we did on the Champs Elysees. Our last evening was full of some of my favorite moments from the trip. It was just 5 of us girls, after saying farewell to our new friend Jeannie, living a dream on a wonderful night in Paris. 


  1. Amy Lyn-- I have so many things to say about this post:
    - I LOVE IT!
    - Oh the memories that will last forever.
    - Great new blog top! I am so impressed!
    - I love this post. I want to be in Paris now.
    - Cute photos.. I love seeing them over and over.
    - I am craving a tea party at Angelina's, someday let's take our daughters there.
    - That french onion soup was so GREAT and yummy! I am thinking of it now as my mouth waters.

    ** I miss you! Keep posting more about your life!

  2. Amy this looks lovely! I really wish I could have been with Kirk and brought along Monroe. I was envious of all that you got to do. It looked like a wonderful time. Thanks so much for taking care of him (and Derrick) and making them meals and going out of your way to make them comfortable. I'm glad you have a blog! I'm going to keep up on your happenings. Talk to you soon.

  3. Amy! looks like so much fun, you guys got some great pictures and sounds like you had a blast. While we were in paris somebody told me that in the Louvre if you looked at each display for 4 seconds it would take you like 3 months to get throught the entire thing. Yikes! (sorry, your post reminded me of that- so I had to tell ya!)