Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I am packing... once again.
We won't leave for America until mid-May, but we have to store most of our things at our friend's house while we travel. 
I am certainly one of the slowest packers ever because I like to slowly go through old memories as I put things away and reminisce as I read journal entries, flip through collected brochures, sort loose papers, etc.
I am just slow.
As I started packing the books I brought over to London I picked up one of my favorites.
It is called "She...", it was a gift from my dear friend Chelsea Lynn. She gave this book to me a few nights before Christian and I left for England. Every time I read it I think of her and the person I want to be. 
This book describes a determined, passionate, loving, curious, accepting, positive, strong, faithful woman. And those are characteristics I want to have.   
Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

She crossed borders 
recklessly, refusing to recognize limits, 
saying 'bonjour' and 'buon giorno' as though she owned both France and Italy
and the day itself.
Celebrate her joie de vivre.

She designed a life she LOVED.
Celebrate her Joy.

She decided to start living the life she'd imagined.
Celebrate her Freedom.

She turned her can'ts into cans,
and her dreams
into plans.
Celebrate her Goals.

She saw every ending as a new beginning.
Celebrate her Resiliency.

She colored her thoughts
with only the brightest hues.
Celebrate her Optimism.

She remained true to herself.
Celebrate her Authenticity.

She realized that she was missing
a great deal
by being sensible.
Celebrate her Spirit. 

Many thanks to Chelsea for passing along such an inspiring and wonderful book. You are the greatest!

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  1. Amy were you in London for THE WEDDING!? Kirk thought that you had left by the time it took place... I hope not. Especially for a fashionista like yourself.