Monday, 17 October 2011

a tiny update on the ivins'

I can't believe we are already halfway through the month of October! Time goes by way too fast! I guess my last post was a quick recap on our European adventures. [I still have yet to post the pictures that I wanted to...]
We had a wonderful summer and have had a wonderful autumn so far as well! We have enjoyed many memorable times with family and friends.

Here is a tiny update on my dear husband.

-Christian graduated from USU with his bachelor's degree in Accounting! Wahoo!! [He spent his entire summer up on campus going to school and then studying every other hour in between classes... I had moments when I felt that I saw him less here than I did in London... for those that know the hours of accountants during busy season you will know how little you actually see them.]
-Christian started the Master's of Accountancy (MAC) program at USU this fall and will graduate in May 2012. He is an exceptional student and works so hard!
-Christian has been playing on just about every intramural team the school has available. He just started his basketball season and I will be joining him for the futsal season.
-He is still the biggest BYU football fan I know. We have been to a handful of their games this year and he has loved every minute there (except for that sad, embarassing, humiliating, pitiful loss against Utah).
-He has visited the golf course as much as his wife, watch and wallet would allow. He felt that since he could only golf once while in the UK he needed to make up for lost time by going as much as possible. (I think he failed to remember that Utah was covered in snow until May... so he couldn't have been golfing anyways? haha.) I always say how lucky he is that I was raised by a dad that shares the same love for the golf course--otherwise, our marriage would have a big wedge in it due to his love for golf.

As for my life... here is a tiny update on me:

-I had an extra month of relaxing upon arriving back in the states. I wish I hadn't been so consumed with finding a job and that I would have taken better advantage of my final free month.
-With a bit of hunting--I found the most perfect job! I work for Icon Health and Fitness (the mother company of NordicTrack, FreeMotion, ProForm and about 8 other fitness brands). I feel so happy and so blessed to work there. I am a health and fitness blogger for NordicTrack and will occassionally write copy for the web. For the most part though, my focus is on social media marketing. [You can check the blog out here.]
-This summer I overcame a big fear and started taking ballet classes again! I had plans to start this in London, but after my first moment at the infamous Pineapple Dance Studio I felt very incapable--I walked out and sadly never went back. [I will take classes there one day.]
-I have tried to increase my cooking skills since returning home. In London I had one frying pan, two pots, one big spoon... oh, and my sweet mom sent over some measuring cups. Oh and I guess I bought one crappy hand-held blender, a tiny cookie sheet and a cheap roasting pan. I had very little to help me in the kitchen. Trying to convert the measurements was a bit tough too. So, needless to say, I was so excited to come home and use all of my nice kitchen gadgets! (After typing that, I have no idea how I made anything in London, but surprisingly I did cook quite a bit over there! Shocking what you can do with so little.)
-I have certainly appreciated every moment with family and friends since returning home! I have appreciated having a car. I have loved living "in" the mountains. I have enjoyed the different weather that comes with each season. I miss many things from London. But, I certainly feel that since being home I have a greater love and appreciation for the things we have here. They are small things, but I notice them so much more now.

Until next time, xoxo.