Tuesday, 19 April 2011

2nd Stop... Geneva

After a few lovely days in Paris we jumped on another train and headed to Swissland.
I will share my top ten things from Geneva...
1- Seeing Chelsea's life... I got to see where one of my best and dearest friends lived and worked.
2- We had the privilege of staying with a wonderful family right in the heart of the city. They were so welcoming and wonderful!
3- Meeting the darling kids! I loved every single minute with those kiddos. If you can't tell, I love kids and I have missed my nieces and nephews so much since being in London. It was just fun to be around darling and energetic kids again.
4- Geneva is a beautiful city with a much quieter atmosphere than Paris or London, which we thoroughly enjoyed after our busy days in Paris.
5- Lake Geneva is amazing! The apartment we stayed in was about 5 minutes from the lake. I love being near water!
6- We had evening workouts along the lake. Our workouts included a run around the lake, lunges, steps and dips. It was the most enjoyable workout that I've had in a long time... hello, working out in a beautiful setting with 4 of your besties! It was a cake walk working out in those circumstances.
7- I had my very first experience eating fondue while in Geneva. It was at a quaint little restaurant set at the top of a hill in the city center. I couldn't have asked for a better setting to try my first fondue!
8- I loved seeing the Jet d'Eau, this is the infamous water fountain that is set in the lake and shoots nearly 500 feet in the air.
9- We got to spend a few afternoons at the botanical garden and other neighboring parks. They were absolutely beautiful! The parks in Europe are definitely one of my favorite things about this part of the world... they are always huge and so elaborate!

10- Last but not least- the CHOCOLATE. It was everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE! The chocolate section at the grocery store was so big and AMAZING. I found my new favorite treat, Ferrero Raffaello. This amazing creation consists of white chocolate, almonds and coconut. They are heavenly! I just looked online and it looks like they are available at Walgreen's... so if someone in America stumbles upon these, please let me know. 

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  1. Amy! I am LOVING reading about your Europe trips. We are leaving for ours in about 4 weeks!! We will be spending most of our time in Switzerland (so I loved reading all about Geneva) and we have also already planned a long weekend in Paris (I cannot wait!) And then we're hoping to also make it to Spain or Italy... I get even more excited reading all about your travels and seeing your pictures! What a fun experience for you!!